5 new studies destroy Monsanto's crop of lies

5 new studies destroy Monsanto's crop of lies

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By Natural Cures Not Medicine

Jim Goodman, an activist, farmer and member of the Organic Consumers Association, recently described that the sneaky concept 'sound science' has no scientific definition. It does not mean that it was peer reviewed or documented research. 'Ciencia Sonora' is just an ideological term, used to support a particular point of view, a policy statement, or a technology. Quite simply, 'sound science' supports the industry's position on people, corporate profit on food safety, the environment and public health. " Five new reports published recently destroy Monsanto's sound science claims:

1) In the Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (February 2014), a connection was discovered between Monsanto's Roundup and an epidemic, global, chronic, and fatal kidney disease. Researchers believe that mixing chemical fertilizer with the extremely powerful herbicide may be the reason for thousands of deaths in agricultural areas throughout South America.

2) Monsanto's Roundup is in the air and in the ground, according to studies published in the Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology issue (February 2014). According to one analysis, “if you were breathing in the sample air, you would be inhaling 2.5 nanograms of glyphosate per cubic meter of air. It has been estimated that the average adult person inhales approximately 388 cubic feet or 11 cubic meters of air per day, which would be equivalent to 27.5 nanograms of glyphosate per day. "

3) According to a report last month, the USDA has determined that the use of GMOs has increased the use of pesticides and herbicides. Although the USDA is known to favor GMOs, the report confirms what independent scientists have been saying all along: Genetic modification does not lead to increased profits. Since there is an incestuous relationship between the agency and Monsanto, questions are now being raised regarding the unscientific and unproven claims of the biotech industry that biotech is not the way of the future.

4) International BioMedical Research confirmed what many have thought for a long time: pesticides are much more dangerous than originally thought. Scientists at the University of Caen examined eight commercial products, including Roundup, and found that nine of them were hundreds of times more toxic than their active ingredient alone. So we should not only be concerned about the toxic chemicals in pesticides, but also their interaction with other toxic chemicals. Monsanto's Roundup was the most toxic.

5) A December study by the United Nations Commission on Development and Exchange entitled: Wake up before it's too late, warned that organic and small-scale farming is the only way to feed the world. The report contains - sections on the need to change to a more sustainable and resilient agriculture: livestock production and climate change; the importance of research and expansion; the role of land use and of reforming the rules of global trade. More than 60 experts from around the world contributed to the report.

In December, more than 200 scientists accused the biotech industry of lying about the safety of GMOs. That along with the five recent studies cited above, constituting a pile of evidence pointing to the dangers of pesticide use, as well as the harm that GMOs cause.

When will the FDA, USDA, and EPA stop supporting an industry targeted by scientists everywhere and start doing their job? Public health must come before corporate profit.

Translation by Mariana Escalante, Vía Orgánica A.C.

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