The fight against transgenics in Latin American lands

The fight against transgenics in Latin American lands

By Carlos Fermín

They say that nothing is free in life. Everything comes at a price that never weighs up the costly environmental damage we are perpetrating on a global scale. The sun brightens it and the moon darkens it. However, Nature always pays the consequences of the chaotic industrialization process of the 21st century, which keeps us immersed in a gigantic ecocide to be discovered. The bitter experiences originate with the historic deforestation of the forests to colonize the king's throne, passing through the savage oil spills that lie on the shores of the oceans, and reaching the sinister GM crop that flourishes in a thicket of ignorance.

Precisely, what is transgenic refers to a living organism to which exogenous genes are added to modify it, and thus achieve new properties that were not developed naturally. Hence, transgenic foods use genetic engineering, seen as the technology that is responsible for controlling, manipulating and transferring DNA from one organism to another, in order to create new species and manufacture different compounds. From such chemical alterations, transgenic corn and soybeans are produced that many people are willing to consume, without measuring the dire risk to human health.

We see that transgenic food is the fortune cookie for those who wish to annihilate the destiny of Pachamama, preaching the verb of greed that punishes the minds and hearts of their irrational bastard children. There is no doubt that the World was transformed into something plastic, superficial and very nonconformist. It seems that the natural is no longer enough value for people to enjoy the infinite benefits that are treasured by legumes, fruits and cereals harvested with the love and dedication of working the land that feeds them.

On the contrary, now the purity that sprouts in a beautiful organic corn seed must be injected with a gale of toxic chemicals, which are hidden at the root of a syringe full of transgenic violence. Every day we feel the side effects caused by the sharp needle of the laboratories, in the disturbed organism that corrupts the discernment of Modern Society, which translates into allergies, tumors, affections in the liver, kidneys and intestinal tissues , decreased fertility capacity and congenital malformations.

We ask ourselves, who is primarily responsible for all the socio-environmental destruction envisioned? Obviously, when it comes to gambling with people's lives in exchange for receiving damn money, Uncle Sam's infernal hat always appears, personified this time by the wandering transnational called Monsanto, which since 1901 has been serving at the foot of the letter with the great mission entrusted by his Yankee teacher, based on destroying the ecological balance of planet Earth, and creating an irreparable environmental crisis in which just souls will pay for sinful deer.

The ruthless American company Monsanto has been desertifying the soils and selling transgenic garbage to the global population, using the classic American persuasion tactics that are born of blackmail, bribery and corruption shared between governments, the public banks and the private sector. Everything conspires in favor of the unhealthy, because it is a vile reflection of the social reality that we collate in the streets. The result of this momentary aberration is visualized with the free sale of transgenic foods in supermarkets, thanks to the marketing campaigns on TV that force people to consume these commercial junk.

Although there are thousands of complaints and lawsuits worldwide, to eradicate the sale of dangerous transgenic foods, we do not have the altruistic support of the community, which is the only force capable of ending the dirty capitalist game orchestrated by judicial entities, that discredit most of the criminal remedies against transnationals, and make it possible to sell their transgenic, hybrid and suicidal seeds to apathetic consumers. The saddest thing is that many Latin American nations, regardless of the political tendency to the left or right, are allowing Monsanto and its regional subsidiaries to invade every corner of the continental geography, being a serious threat to the food sovereignty of the peoples, which has negative repercussions in the way of life of citizens.

The multinationals take advantage of the ignorance of consumers, who blindly buy food and never bother to read the ingredients that make it up. The worst thing is that there is NO coercive legal framework at the international level that requires placing "Genetically Modified" or similar phrases on the label that identifies the transgenic product. The free will of the companies that manufacture modified foods is sponsored by the governments of the day that became the great accomplices of the transnationals, so their owners have the power to hide any nutritional data that complicates the sale of the transgenic, because they know that people would be scared and would never buy a product full of chemicals in its composition.

You just have to place an appetizing soybean, a detailed corn on the cob or a nice cassava in the center of the colorful container, so that people can quickly buy the fun product, without questioning the origin of the ingredients. They believe they feed on soybeans, corn and cassava, but they are actually eating a series of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), which destroy people's health, fertilize addiction to transgenic chemicals, and increase rejection to consume natural foods.

Among sauces, vegetable oils, flours, powdered soups, canned seafood, yogurts, jams, breads, sausages, and beers, more and more transgenic foods are being sold wholesale and retail, despite the fact that there is no proper graphic warning for that the final consumer decides to buy or avoid the product. It is clear that the eternal passivity of buyers is the best antidote for Monsanto and its American gang, seeking to maintain supply and demand for GMOs, which continue to torture the well-being of the human body and enslave the boundaries of common sense.

However, people do not imagine the grim business behind his American majesty. The inconvenience overcomes the environmental contamination caused by the alteration of the ecosystem conditions, and goes beyond the tragic dispossession of the lands that by right belong to the peasants. It is known that the ultimate purpose of Monsanto, Syngenta, Cargill, Bayer, DuPont, Dow and BASF, will be to prohibit civil society from developing organic gardening in their homes, and will force citizens to buy transgenic seed in their centers. authorized for sale.

Can you imagine having to pay a tax for planting a simple tomato in your home garden? Think that your grandfather could go to jail, if he dares to plant an avocado tree, without asking permission from the bureaucratic mafias that own the patent for the seed. Although it seems unusual, that apocalyptic day is much closer than the light of the next dawn. It is chilling to appreciate the degree of spiritual misery that human beings display, in their perverse attempt to take over natural resources and turn planet Earth into a commodity for mass consumption.

Many humble families that found in low-impact agriculture a subsistence method to get ahead, are losing their crops due to the onslaught of Monsanto and its commercial allies, which do not respect the fundamentalism of fair trade and prioritize the Machiavellian criterion of winning, justifying the end through the middle to get it. This perverse assertion is demonstrated by the excessive use of herbicides, insecticides, pesticides and fumigation equipment used by the Monsanto company to protect its transgenic plantations, while it is accelerating the indiscriminate felling of trees, the progressive clearing of protected green areas, sedimentation of bodies of water, the extinction of native flora and fauna, the appearance of invasive weeds and the accumulation of Bacillus Thuringiensis in soils.

The classic unipolarity projected by 21st century capitalism is easily evidenced in the modus operandi of multinationals such as Monsanto, Shell and Bayer, which never understand the meaning of moral integrity, respect for the environment and corporate ethics. The result of an ecological malpractice is verifiable with the future use of robotic bees made of titanium and plastic, which will be in charge of pollinating Monsanto's transgenic fields, imitating the biomechanics and social order provided by the almost extinct natural bees, which they no longer know how to distinguish between the honey of life and the Roundup of death.

Let's not forget, that Monsanto is a supplier of agricultural chemicals, which managed to extrapolate its commercial monsters to the foundations of the American nation's arms race and warmongering. Remember that the aforementioned transnational was involved in horrible crimes against humanity, such as the devastating Agent Orange that devastated Vietnam, the brutal Atomic Bomb that detonated on Japanese soil, and in the manufacture of neurotoxic aberrations (polychlorinated biphenyls, aspartame and insecticide DDT). The whole blood-curdling string of human catastrophes caused by Monsanto's no mercy is still leading to the deaths of innocent victims who met the face of evil.

Unfortunately, we know that the Latin American lanterns burst within a process of Transculturation, which rejects its own idiosyncrasy and deifies anything that comes from abroad. It is complex for people to understand the holistic problem we are analyzing, and worry about having the will to face it. This situation encourages a state of environmental impunity in the communities, due to the lack of social commitment and commonwealth among public actors, which undermines conservation efforts that try to preserve the environments we host.

In parallel, indigenous peoples bear the brunt of the environmental destruction caused by deforestation, drug trafficking and transgenic crops. The ordeal of the ethnic groups that live in rural areas of Paraguay, Nicaragua, Honduras, Mexico, Brazil, Peru and Guatemala, is the cruel mirror of the great social injustice that the planet suffers. The infernal transnationals do not mind curtailing the human rights of our indigenous brothers and ending the cultural legacy of their ancestral territories. They only think of expanding the criminal agricultural frontier, practicing the long-lived technique of genocide that ensures greater financial income for large landowners, businessmen and hitmen.

In addition, the monoculture mishap is aggravated by the fact that in Latin America the planting of transgenic soybeans and corn is increasing at a frenzied pace, damaging the millenary landscapes that await all the wisdom of Gaia. Now it is more profitable to declare on a whim "territory free of transgenics" to many Latin American localities, so that the falsehood of the governments crystallize commercial agreements, obtain tourist incentive packages and buy the votes in Sunday's elections. Between biotechnology and agribusiness, the fateful history of transgenic invasion includes the Araucanía region, Colonia del Sacramento, the Gran Chaco, the Rio de Janeiro Amazon, the Valle del Cauca, Ituzaingó and the Atlantic Forest, where natural resources are mortgaged, and the great ecocide engineered by the tentacles of glyphosate suffers.

This requires us to present different recent informational facts on the subject of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), which will help to see the transgenesis tirade in perspective and thus generate ideas for debate. For example, in Chile the “I don't want Transgenics” alliance is consolidated, which works together with foundations, NGOs, educational institutions, environmental movements, organized communities and other social factors, so that society is aware of the dangers of consuming modified foods . To date, the dynamic initiative has been the protagonist in the abolition of the "Monsanto Law" project, after an arduous information campaign in urban and rural areas, where people prevented the privatization of Chilean seed, demonstrating that popular resistance is capable of to say NO to transnationals.

Similarly, in Peru, the Moratorium Law on the entry of transgenic seeds was approved in 2011, which eradicates the presence of toxic crops on Peruvian soil for 10 years, in order to protect the territory's biodiversity and food sovereignty inca. We believe that the moratorium is far from being the ideal legal mechanism to combat the advance of transgenic crops and improve the quality of life of Peruvians. Governments come and go with their arbitrariness and despotism, being able to refute and delegitimize any judicial decision that once again puts the integrity of the Environment at risk.

In connection, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil, which concentrate the largest production of transgenic crops in the South American region, are plagued with soy, corn and modified cotton in their majestic lands, which continues to decapitate millions of hectares in its wake, and accelerate ecological damage in sacred native forests. In any case, we must recognize the efforts of the activists who live in the town of Malvinas Argentinas, who have been protesting and defending themselves for more than 6 months in front of the facilities where Monsanto planned to install a conditioning plant for transgenic corn seeds.

Monsanto's negativity touches the soils of Mexico, which is one of the Latin American countries with the highest contamination by transgenic corn crops, as there is scientific evidence that demonstrates monoculture production in more than 10 Aztec states, including the Federal District, Tamaulipas . Chihuahua, Oaxaca, Coahuila and Michoacán. Although the sale of transgenic soybeans was banned in Yucatán and Campeche, the conservationist path of the Mexican people is still uncertain. It should be noted that the corn growers of Tolima in Colombia attacked the Pioneer company, for the bad agronomic behavior of its transgenic corn seed, which seriously affected production in the Colombian department, due to the lack of filling of the ears and little control of the insect Spodoptera in crops.

Sometimes the position taken by governments that prohibit the sale of GMOs is contradictory, after evaluating the socio-communicational reality that is perceived in the streets. We saw that Ecuador proclaimed itself a country free of seeds and transgenic crops since 2008, since they were considered harmful to people's health. But at the end of 2013, a radio propaganda broadcast by the Ecuadorian Ministry of the Environment was launched, in which transgenic foods were clearly promoted, when listening to the ridiculous conversation between two ears of corn with human voices, who sought to deceive listeners through a alarming misinformation, in which the dangers of transgenics were ignored and consumers were treated as mere child puppets.

On the other hand, the population of Santa Cruz located in eastern Bolivia, is crowded by the production of transgenic soybeans, which breaks with the eco-socialist model and the search for good living. In the particular case of Bolivia, we can re-establish the vicious circle that surrounds transnational corporations, government political interests and environmental barbarism against Pachamama. We affirm this, since Article 408 of the Political Constitution of the State categorically prohibited "the production, importation and commercialization of transgenics." Later, in the face of the typical pressure from private industry to grow transgenic soybeans on Bolivian soil, Article 409 was modified, which instead of banning transgenics, fell under the “regulated by law” regulations.

Even Venezuela, being one of the few Latin American countries that does not have a registration of transgenic crops in its revolutionary lands, and that hopes to ratify it legally in the forthcoming Seed Law, cannot assure citizens that they are not consuming transgenic foods. We already know that most of the products made with GMOs sold in Latin America DO NOT have the labeling that specifies it graphically, so no Latin American country is able to declare itself “free of transgenics”, due to the lack of control that exists over the origin of the ingredients, which escapes any decree or ordinance approved by legislative entities.

More than 110 years have passed since the sinister appearance of Monsanto, and we show that its sickly global conspiratorial plans continue to destroy the peace of the Environment in the blink of an eye. We saw that in Latin America the transnationals are a great latent threat to safeguard the territorial, food and cultural sovereignty of our peoples, where transgenic crops have been planted on more than 50 million hectares, which show in high contrast the paradox of the announced ecocide.

Perhaps we should create new Transgenic Human Beings, to inject them with a large dose of pacifism, tolerance and brotherhood. They are three values ​​that are impossible to rescue in a world full of media warfare, excessive hatred and the thirst for revenge. We want a Modern Transgenic Society that has a little social conscience in its DNA, and does not remain silent in the face of the bloody armed conflicts that stain the world. We only want a Transgenic Planet Earth, which becomes immune to the demonic presence of Homo Sapiens, and forgives those legendary wounds that will take centuries to heal.

It is not enough for you and I to reflect on it, because the important thing is to disseminate the informative material presented to all citizens. It is a priority to continue with street activism, and make our friends, neighbors, colleagues and family dare to hear the truth behind transgenic crops. They are the ones who can generate positive change in favor of Humanity, and anchor the ecologically sustainable and sustainable development of our peoples. There is no doubt that transgenic will never be the answer, and natural will always be the best.


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