Amazon deforestation in Brazil grows 467%

Amazon deforestation in Brazil grows 467%

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According to the Deforestation Alert System (SAD) of Imazon, the level cut of the vegetation in the nine Brazilian Amazonian states was 244 km2.

In October 2013, deforestation totaled 43 km2. SAD performs its measurements in collaboration with Google Earth.

60% of deforestation occurred on private land or under the control of squatters. In addition, between August and October 2014, the first three months of the official deforestation measurement calendar for the new period, more than 1,000 square kilometers of forest were lost, almost the size of the city of Rio de Janeiro. "Although the data are not official, the SAD questions the effectiveness of current policies for the prevention and control of deforestation on the eve of an international event, which has as one of its challenges obtaining commitments between countries to reduce emissions of greenhouse gas, "Imazon said in a press release.

The XX Conference on Climate Change is held in Peru between December 1 and 12, 2014.

To fight the increasingly sophisticated deforestation of the Amazon, Brazilian authorities announced earlier this month the adoption of a new and refined satellite alert system, as well as a strategy more focused on organized crime. After reaching its lowest historical level, deforestation in the largest forest on the planet increased in the 2012/2013 period, when it reached 5,981 km2 (+ 29%).

Brazil had managed to reduce deforestation, which reached 27,000 km2 in 2004, to 4,571 km2 in the 2011/2012 period, the historical minimum. The country has not disclosed the result of the last period 2013-2014, which ended in August, since the official data comes out at the end of November. Partial satellite detection data indicate that deforestation may have increased again. Based on the partial numbers, the Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper stated in early November that deforestation alerts may have increased by more than 100% between August and September. AFP

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