Jamaica studies producing biofuel with local crops

Jamaica studies producing biofuel with local crops

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The manager of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency of the PCJ, Peter Ruddock, explained that the state oil company has signed agreements with the Bodles Agricultural Research Station and the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute “to experiment with selective cultivation for the production of biofuel. ”.

"We are looking to purchase an oil press to press the seeds and the oil produced can be evaluated," Ruddock said in a statement.

The necessary information on the biofuel that Jamaica could produce is expected to be available within a year or two.

The PCJ also analyzes the effectiveness of local jatropha and beaver crops, with the aim of "getting the best strains for Jamaica." Once the strains are selected, the oil will be collected and extracted to perform engine tests and then establish a sales market with the state-owned Petrojam, which supplies the country with various petroleum-derived products.

"If the fuel is produced locally rather than imported, I recognize that we could have some savings," Ruddock said.


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