They propose to grow lettuce on Mars

They propose to grow lettuce on Mars

television channel Mars One. It is one of the ten shortlisted university projects, due to its technical feasibility and popularity.

The winner will arrive on Mars in 2018, along with the official Mars One experiments. The University's Space Flight Society is an interdisciplinary team of undergraduate and graduate students. The team now needs the votes of the general public to be chosen as one of the 10 winners out of 35 participants.

Voting is open until December 31.

Project manager Suzanna Lucarotti explains: “To live on other planets we have to grow food there. No one has ever done this, and we intend to be the first.

This plan is technically feasible and very ambitious in scope, since we are going to introduce the first complex life on another planet ”.

“We have tackled several series of engineering problems, including aeroponic systems, biological filters, or low-energy gas pressurization systems, all of which are integrated into a payload with tight budget, mass and energy.

We can build it right now, the only step now is to win the public vote ”, he adds.

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