McDonald’s vicious circle

McDonald’s vicious circle

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By Carlos Fermín

Between French fries, tomato sauce. cheese, mayonnaise, mustard and carbonated drinks, the perfect combo is put together that accompanies the traditional McDonald's hamburgers, which do NOT have any positive nutritional value for the diet of Human Beings, expecting an excessive amount of fatty acids and high levels of cholesterol in your meals, which predispose the onset of obesity, high blood pressure, kidney failure, hypercholesterolemia and cardiovascular problems.

Remember that the liver, the kidneys and the heart are seriously damaged by the consumption of food shipped in McDonald’s fast food restaurants, which tend to exceed 1000 calories of social irresponsibility to the detriment of the health of its loyal customers. They make you sick and play with the organism, in exchange for receiving your money for each Mc Combo that you buy in their genocidal establishments. It is known that the transnational McDonald’s uses a sinister production line to obtain the meat and chicken that sustain its famous hamburgers. The aforementioned American company, together with its food supplier farms, have been publicly denounced for the raising of animals in unsanitary conditions, which are subjected to the ordeal of overcrowding, knives and savage beatings, which produce extreme suffering and disrespect to the rights that protect any living being.

Let's not forget that in 2012, McDonald's acknowledged that it bought meat from Central Valley Meat, which is a slaughterhouse located in California (USA), which was temporarily closed due to a series of tragic videos, which showed its workers torturing and vilely murdering all the animals in the place. Not even McDonald’s pseudo-salads are spared from the inconvenience they generate for the health of our body. They hide high levels of salt and saturated fat, for the well-known dressings that accompany the feast of processed foods.

We asked you, why does McDonald’s tomato, pickle, or lettuce lack good flavor and look like they were made of plastic? This happens because the transnational does not use fresh vegetables to prepare its perverse meals. They use chemical additives that preserve the "quality" of their ingredients for a longer period of time, in exchange for selling more inedible garbage. As for the desserts that McDonald’s offers to its consumers, the same round business is conceived based on destroying the health of its innocent victims. Between the Sundae and the McFlurry with their varieties of flavors and toppings, the stomach of the diners fills with sugar, which sooner or later will pay off with the arrival of hyperglycemia, degenerative diseases such as diabetes, and the prompt the appearance of cavities due to the persistent deterioration of tooth enamel

. Children and adolescents get the worst portion of the McDonald's cake, since its ice creams create addiction in the little ones, who completely reject the consumption of natural sweets prepared with oats, soursop, honey, banana, milky, wheat or mango . In 2015, traces of plastic were found in chicken nuggets and a human tooth in French fries marketed by McDonald’s in Japan. In fact, the tail of a rat, cow crumbs and even marijuana have also been found, within the dangerous composition that the North American hamburger shows around the World. In turn, in 2014 it was revealed that McDonald's sold rotten meat to its customers, because its supplier in China called “Shanghai Husi” was dedicated to falsifying the expiration date of food, taking advantage of the fact that McDonald's did not has exhaustive quality controls that guarantee the freshness of its products.

Recently, it was found that the transnational used ammonium hydroxide to convert the excess fat from the meat into the filling of its hamburgers. This chemical solution is an antimicrobial agent not suitable for human consumption, which is used as a fertilizer, detergent, brick cleaner and household explosive.

While McDonald’s was forced to remove aqueous ammonia from its ruminant spawn, it made it clear that it does not care at all about the health of its blind diners. Just as it is not interested in protecting the environment, since each year millions of hectares of forests and tropical forests are lost, to achieve the expansion of the agricultural and livestock frontier that allows McDonald's to continue growing soybeans, while deforesting the Amazon and worsens. the macabre ecocide on a global scale.

It should be noted that McDonald’s does NOT have true recycling policies that consolidate an ecologically sustainable and sustainable development of the planet. In our Latin American fiefdoms, we see that the paper bags, cardboard cups, straws, napkins and plastic containers used by their apathetic consumers, end up in the same open-air landfill, where all the accumulated garbage is burned in the cities that we host. This unfortunate situation reinforces environmental contamination, due to the enormous use of packaging that the transnational company wastes to package and distribute its products.

In 2010, McDonald's had to withdraw more than 12 million glasses alluding to the movie "Shrek happily ever after", for containing high levels of cadmium in its colorful preparation, being a potentially carcinogenic metal that damages internal organs, the system respiratory and bones of Human Beings, and that in environmental terms, it has a high toxicity capable of degrading the purity of air, water and soils, due to the intense industrial activity that affects the Earth's natural resources. However, the big questions to be answered in this opinion piece are: Why do people continue to eat McDonald’s hamburgers, knowing that they negatively influence their health? Is it possible that McDonald’s constant advertising bombardment has been destroying the critical thinking of its beloved customers? Could it be that McDonald’s is guilty of brutalizing the conscience of global citizens? When children, young people and adults begin to see in the distance, the gigantic yellow M that strongly illuminates the consumerist horizon, a great anxiety begins to be generated in future diners, who step on the accelerator of the car to the maximum, to taste with haste the blood that gushes from the deadly slaughterhouse. Whether waiting in front of the Auto-Mac window or visiting the comfortable shops, there is no doubt that people glorify a stay at a McDonald’s restaurant, because the time is near to bring out the cannibalistic instinct that surrounds them. The magical Yankee scene responds to the culinary demands of the crowd.

The smell of frying mixed with the cold of the air conditioning, the antics that decorate the warm walls, the gossip that is heard between the tables of the diners, the cozy lighting that invites you to enjoy the evening, and the elaborate children's games that robotize the children's behavior. Everything works in favor of the addictive desire to order a magnificent Big Mac, a quarter pound with cheese, a succulent Mc Royal Bacon or a fun happy meal, which is paid for in cash or by credit card.

The capitalist finger of Uncle Sam, he always sells pre-made junk in McDonald’s strongholds, because he knows the gastronomic yearnings that his victims ask for. It is a terrible vicious cycle sponsored by the rest of the American corporate freaks, such as Coca-Cola, Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Wendy’s, Taco Bell or Pizza Hut. All are dedicated to increasing the supply and demand of their products, through hypnosis provoked by the subliminal messages transmitted in TV spots, on radio jingles, on attractive street signs, in the visual contexts of movies, and in marketing campaigns posted on the Internet. The urge to eat a McDonald’s hamburger represents the classic “Made in USA” mass indoctrination that most people are willing to worship for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Many people feel great personal satisfaction when eating at a McDonald’s restaurant.

It is as if it were a prize that grants the social status to which they belong. But really, what it demonstrates is submission and obedience to the implanted neoliberal regime, which increases selfishness and indifference among individuals. The saddest thing is to observe that parents take their children from an early age to McDonald’s restaurants, without considering the premature damage to health that hamburgers produce in the growth of infants. There the systematic moral and ethical enslavement suffered by Modern Society is evidenced. Parents are not willing enough to reject the junk food they sell in McDonald’s stores, because most likely, their own family environment was responsible for establishing the culture of consumption during childhood. Now, they must transmute those bad eating habits from generation to generation, which exacerbates the holistic crisis that is rewarded in contemporary times.

This assertion is ratified by the new McDonald's advertising campaign aimed at the youth population, which displays the slogan: "If it didn't make all the children smile, it wouldn't be a happy meal", referring to the sale of gluten-free bread in their restaurants in Spain. But, it is inevitable to comment that the transnational used hundreds of young Asians to manufacture the toys that accompanied the happy meal, through the company “City Toys” located in Shenzhen (China). Most of the workers were humble boys who did not exceed 14 years of age, they worked for 16 hours a day and slept in subhuman conditions, to help their families who lived in misery. However, the misinformation of consumers predisposes the malpractice of the transnational McDonald’s. It is common for people who are fans of their hamburgers to express a series of phrases without solid arguments that justify the consumption of their products. They usually start with: "If you don't like their food, then don't eat there." Then they affirm that: "Those are pure urban myths." And finally they say: "It's my problem if I get sick, not yours."

It is obvious that a large part of the community does not have the minimum reflective capacity to determine the degree of complicity that they assume, each time they go to fast food restaurants. Citizen ignorance is the main weapon of attack used by McDonald’s, to avoid debates that confuse the reason of the diners, and harm the sale of its delicious garbage. It is unusual that these people prefer a hamburger with McDonald’s fries, over the indigenous dishes that adorn Latin American cuisine. It reflects the lack of a sense of belonging in our peoples and the vulnerability of the food sovereignty of nations, which ends up triggering the denial of the cultural identity that characterizes them. For example, in January 2015 McDonald’s temporarily eliminated the sale of French fries in Venezuela, due to international port problems, which are not related to the financial ups and downs suffered by the Venezuelan economy. The worrying thing is that many Venezuelans felt threatened and desperate, faced with the possibility that the French fries were no longer sold in the more than 100 restaurants that the US corporation owns in the Venezuelan geography. Through social networks, McDonald’s followers showed their dissatisfaction with the tragic news, which denotes the breakdown of idiosyncrasy and detachment from their customs.

A large number of customers even refused to consume the yuquitas and fried arepas that McDonald’s Venezuela decided to add to their menus, as an alternative to replace the rusty French fries that accompanied their burgers. Despite the fact that these processed foods are as unhealthy as the rest of the artificial food provided by the transnational, the incredible thing was to appreciate the psychological conditioning that McDonald’s originates in its consumers, who become unable to discern and question the monotony of the daily routine. We have seen that the concept of "Fast food" goes against the healthy and balanced diet that an individual must have.

The fact that we live within a dizzying way of life that forces us to make decisions quickly, does NOT justify the abandonment of our physical, mental and emotional health. The menu offered in McDonald’s restaurants is not recommended for human consumption, as it lacks nutritional contributions in favor of our body.

Food sold in supermarkets to feed dogs and cats has higher protein and vitamin content than McDonald’s hamburgers. For these reasons, every October 16 is celebrated the "International Day Against McDonald's", in which thousands of peaceful activists and alternative media on a global scale, take to the streets so that people are informed about the atrocities caused by the American transnational, to the detriment of human health, the Environment and children. This date coincides with the "World Food Day", so it is an opportunity to meditate on our consumption patterns, which should be reoriented towards a moderate diet, which prioritizes the exercise of the body and the practice of sports. If you do not have the basic time to meet the time allotted for meals, it is preferable to consume some fruit, a yogurt or a whole grain cookie, which is accompanied with plenty of water to keep you hydrated and active during daily activities.

Let's erase the consumer vice that we inherited from the past.

The change is up to you. It is time to open your eyes to the truth at hand, and understand that junk food turns you into junk people.


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