Sumak Kawsay: Good Living and its 13 Principles

Sumak Kawsay: Good Living and its 13 Principles

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The thirteen principles for living well or living fully

What would be the essential requirements as daily exercises to live fully? They are summarized in the following.

1. Sum Manq aña

Knowing how to eat, knowing how to feed yourself, is not equivalent to filling your stomach; it is important to choose healthy foods, each new moon is fasted; and in the transition of the mara (solar cycle) one must fast five days (two days before and two days after the Willka Ura (day of the Winter Solstice sun). In the Andean worldview, everything lives and needs food, that is why Through the offerings we also give food to Mother Earth, to the mountains, to the rivers Mother Earth gives us the food we need, so we must eat the food of the time, of the time, and the food of the place.

2. Sum Umaña

Know how to drink. Before drinking it begins with the ch’alla, giving drink to the Pachamama, the achochillas, the awichas. Drink, drink, ch'allar complete (chuymar montana, chuymat apsuña, chuymat sartaña jawirjam sarantañataki) enter the heart, draw from the heart and emerge from the heart to flow and walk like the river.

3. Sum Thokoña

Knowing how to dance, enter into relationship and cosmoteluric connection, all activity must be carried out with a spiritual dimension.

4. Sum Ikiña

Know how to sleep. You have to sleep two days, that is to say, sleep before midnight, to have the two energies; that of the night and that of the morning of the next day, the energy of two days. In the southern hemisphere you have to sleep your head to the north, your feet to the south, in the northern hemisphere your head to the south and your feet to the north.

5. Sum Irnakaña

Know how to work. For the native indigenous, work is not suffering, it is joy, we must carry out the activity with passion, intensely (Sinti pacha).

6. Suma Lupiña

Know how to meditate, enter a process of introspection. Silence balances and harmonizes, therefore balance is restored through one's silence (Amiki) and connects to the balance and silence of the environment, one's silence, connects with the silence of the environment (Ch'uju) and As a consequence of this interaction and complementation, calm and tranquility emerge.

7. Sum Amuyaña

Know how to think. It is reflection, not only from the rational but from the feeling; One of the Aymara principles tells us: jan piq armt’asa chuman thakip saranlañani (without losing our reason, let's walk the path of the heart).

8. Suma Munaña, Munayasiña

Knowing how to love and be loved, the complementary warmi chacha process, respect for everything that exists generates a harmonious relationship.

9.  Sum Ist year

Know how to listen. In Aymara ist’aña it is not only listening with the ears; it is perceiving, feeling, listening with our whole body; if everything lives, everything speaks too.

10. Sum Aruskipaña

Speak well. Before speaking, you have to feel and think well. To speak well means to speak to build, to encourage, to contribute. Let us remember that everything we speak is written in the hearts of those who listen to it. Sometimes it is difficult to erase the effect of some words; that is why you have to speak well.

11. Sum Samkasiña

Know how to dream. We start from the principle that everything starts from the dream, therefore the dream is the beginning of reality. Through sleep we perceive life. Dreaming is projecting life.

12. Sum Sarnaqaña

Know how to walk. There is no fatigue for those who know how to walk. We must be aware that one never walks alone; We walk with the wind, we walk with Mother Earth, we walk with Father Sun, we walk with Mother Moon, we walk with ancestors and with many other beings.

13. Sum Churaña, Sum Katukaña

Know how to give and know how to receive. Recognize that life is the conjunction of many beings and many forces. In life everything flows: we receive and we give; the interaction of the two forces generates life. You have to know how to give with a blessing, know how to give thanks for everything we receive. To thank is to know how to receive; receive the brightness of Father Sun, the force of Mother Earth, flow like Mother Water and everything that life gives us.

By Fernando Huanacuni Mamani

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