The business of organic

The business of organic

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Every so often, the issue of GMOs comes back to the fore, generating a heated debate between those who are in favor and those who are against. The last discussion generated is because although the moratorium law prevents the entry, for 10 years, of living modified organisms (LMOs), commonly called transgenics, the OEFA still will not be able to apply the fines for non-compliance due to the lack of regulations of the ministries in charge of oversight.

Although the law also applies to LMOs related to health or fisheries, it is in the agriculture sector where the greatest sensitivities are generated on this issue.

Beyond showing scientific studies from both extremes of thought to ensure, or deny, the risks of its consumption, what must be established is which is the path that Peru wants to follow in the agricultural sector.

From our point of view, one of the goals as a country should be to improve the income of our farmers, to ensure that the money they receive for their production is increasing.

Reality shows that the world's consumers value and pay more for organic products and part of the State's job should be to promote precisely this type of crop. There is more than one case of success of companies that already export this type of product.

The moratorium law does not seek to permanently prevent the entry of transgenics, its only intention is to ensure that Peru is in perfect condition to be able to adequately comply with the biosafety law, which, although it was enacted more than 10 years ago, still does not have the regulations or procedures necessary to ensure, on a case-by-case basis, that the entry of the transgenic product will be safe.

Until the State has the necessary elements to ensure compliance with the law for the prevention of risks derived from the use of biotechnology, the moratorium should be maintained. Peru is plagued with standards that cannot be met, let's not add one more to the list.


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