NASA: Terrifying Map Shows Earth Is Running Out Of Water

NASA: Terrifying Map Shows Earth Is Running Out Of Water

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Data from NASA satellites have confirmed a truly terrifying picture: the world's only underground reservoirs of drinking water have passed their tipping points.

That is, more water has been removed than has been replaced.

These data make up a study period of a decade (from 2003 to 2013) and is the first detailed evaluation to show that the main aquifers are the first to fight against the demand of agriculture, population growth and industries such as mining.

Jay Famiglietti, a NASA scientist, has considered that the situation "is quite critical" since the problems with groundwater are aggravated with the advance of global warming.

The water used by humans represents 35% of the underground aquifers.

The most problematic levels are in poor and densely populated regions such as northwestern India, Pakistan and North Africa.

The Arab aquifer is the one suffering the most difficulties, a source of water used by more than 60 million people.

As we can see, the main source of groundwater closest to Peru is the Amazon; one of which has been able to recharge its water levels the most. However, we must think about what the future of it will be when the other water sources are exhausted ...

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