This man proposes how to end climate change in a very simple way

This man proposes how to end climate change in a very simple way

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By Joaquin Martin de Consuegra

On some occasion we have brought you some of these talks and we assure you that they never leave you indifferent and they always tell us interesting things. Stories of personal improvement, or about the current economic situation have a place in these seminars that will make us reflect on more than one occasion.

Today's TED conference is hosted by Allan Savoy, a native of Zimbabwe and a famous ecologist, farmer, international consultant, and president of The Savoy Institute. The subject that comes to speak to us is desertification at a global level, causes and possible solutions.

Savoy is proof that if we do enough research we can find the solution to the environmental issues that concern us and that are still reversible. This man has been a firm opponent of livestock because he blamed it for the problem of soil desertification, but after years of research he has discovered the reason for this issue and how to reverse the effect. You may not expect the answer.

If you want to know more about this process watch the video, you will see that the most interesting talk.

The Voice of the Wall

Video: Where Are We Going? The Rita Gadi Hour (July 2022).


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