The school that teaches you to grow your own food, a fantastic experience

The school that teaches you to grow your own food, a fantastic experience

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Chef Creighton Peet had a vision. He brought a seed for our school's lunch program, so a few years ago he rolled up his sleeves, organized our community and together we made it possible. We now have a nutritious "home cooked" lunch program by our very own Chef Peet, using produce from our garden that is harvested during all 4 seasons, and maintained by our students. Chef Peet is committed to supporting healthy minds in healthy bodies and offers a variety of enjoyable and reasonably priced seasonal dishes. Meals available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, with the menu being a monthly publication. What about lunch on Wednesday?

Wednesday is Pizza Day and the proceeds help fund the 8th grade end of year trip. The 8th graders work with Chef Peet to run the pizza lunch business, from taking care of accounting to cleaning. Pizza options are cheese or vegetables from the garden.

The 7 x 14 meter greenhouse is the center of all the activity. There, children are found growing carrots, spinach, kale, and other vegetables, including medicinal herbs. In the process, everyone learns the benefits of growing their own vegetables and the process to go through so that a seed can become an edible food. Check it out and maybe if you are inspired you can help start a similar project in your own community.

“In spring our crops are abundant. We have strawberries, spinach and kale first, lots of scallions and parsley, also peas. The plastic roof is removed in the summer months to prevent overheating. We are educating the children at the same time as we grow plants, so only half of the space in the greenhouse is covered with grow beds. We have a space to group ourselves at one end. … While all the students in the school dedicate time to growing their lunch, each year the students in third grade are our farmers. They are in charge of converting food scraps into compost in our composter. And this year we launched a vermicomposter, with the help of thousands of red worms we will make a fantastic compost. "

Growing strawberries

This college applies a practical model for growing fresh produce, grown locally even during the winter season, in climates where conventional wisdom says it can't be done.

Cape Cod Waldorf School

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