Earth, Water and Sun

Earth, Water and Sun

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Tierra, Agua y Sol is an educational documentary about Permaculture and ecological practices at the family and social home level.

It is explained by Coloro and Ale, teachers from Talleres de Huertas de Reñaca, Chile.

The Ecological and Human Development Center Jubaea del Cerro Placeres, Valparaiso, also contributed to this project.

The documentary was produced for free broadcast by EnMovimiento Films.

Documentary content:

01 Introduction

02 Permaculture

03 Orchard

04 Construction

05 Solar oven

06 Wetland

07 Living ceiling

08 Conclusion and Farewell

09 Credits and Thanks

For more info:

Huertas de Reñaca, Workshops and consultations:

- [email protected]

Centro Ecologico JUBAEA, Workshops and contact:

- [email protected]

InMovimiento Films:

- [email protected]

- [email protected]

The music is made by the excellent artists:

Master Accordion

Mestre Barrao

Fela kuti

Video: Earth, Water, Sun, Wind - Symphony (May 2022).