What threat do the gigantic holes that appear in Siberia hide?

What threat do the gigantic holes that appear in Siberia hide?

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The increasing number of holes that have been discovered in different parts of Siberia in recent years should be a red flag for the Arctic regions of the planet. Its appearance is linked to global warming, since the reason for the formation of the craters is the thawing of permafrost, reports the newspaper 'The Siberian Times'.

The mysterious holes appear as a result of the melting of gas hydrates in the soil and the emission of methane, which, in turn, accumulates in the so-called 'pingo', a phenomenon that consists of a hill shaped like a small bulge in the land and whose name means precisely 'small hill' in the Inuit language. Over time the 'pingo' erupts and causes the formation of large holes.

The specialists who study these holes warn that the 'pingo' are potentially dangerous because they can burst at any moment.

"It seems to me that it is still too early to speak of a catastrophe on a planetary scale, as the theory of the 'threat of methane' suggests, but if the warming continues at the current rate, our northern cities will face a real danger", Igor Yeltsov, deputy director of the Novosibirsk institute, has concluded.

According to the researchers, this process is similar to the well-known phenomenon of the Bermuda Triangle. Scientists claim that vast methane eruptions occur under the ocean that would be responsible for the disappearance of numerous ships and planes in that area of ​​the North Atlantic throughout history.

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