I had to lose myself several times to find myself

I had to lose myself several times to find myself

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People do not always make the right choices, nor do we choose the easiest path, the one that ensures happiness. To live is also to make mistakes and to give ourselves the opportunity to guide courses and rewrite choices.

"I had to lose myself several times until I found myself." Surely you also identify with this expression, and you may also be in that vital moment when you find yourself at a crossroads where no path seems the right one.

They are complex vital moments that make us experience everything from fear to anxiety. However, every time you see yourself in these circumstances, remember the ideogram that the Chinese language uses to represent the crisis, where “opportunity” is also symbolized.

So do not regret having taken the wrong directions throughout your life. "The act of finding myself is a long journey that is not without errors but, in the end, we always find the right path."

We enjoy the heat because we have felt cold

This striking phrase was left to us by the psychologist and writer David Weatherford, accompanied by others that complement it:

“We value light because we know what it is to be alone” and “I must allow myself to feel lost from time to time, and then make a good decision”.

The moments of crisis are situated in the middle of a cycle and stand as moments where it is essential to reflect on and address all these dimensions:

The "internal revolutions" that we all live are moments for reflection

Some are paralyzed. There are those who, at some point in their life, when they experience disappointment, betrayal or simply perceive that they have made a mistake, they do not know how to react.

Feeling overwhelmed by negative emotions such as loss, or being aware of a bad choice means experiencing an attack on our own schemes and even on internal values.

  • It is normal to experience that blockage. However, little by little we must know how to react and allow ourselves to “rebuild” again.
  • A crisis is an ideal time to reflect. I can be wrong, I could have done the biggest stupidity of my life.

And nothing will happen, as long as I am able to find myself again and have acquired an apprenticeship.

Ability to understand that life is change

Every day is made up of moments of confusion, chaos and moments of disappointment. There is no short and easy path to permanent happiness.

  • People must be "everyday warriors" and know how to understand that nothing remains, not even the calm you have now. And even more, nothing in this life is guaranteed forever, not even love.
  • People must understand that life is change and that clinging to things and people in an exaggerated way, sometimes brings great suffering.
  • Accept that you are free to make mistakes, assume that, sometimes, things do not go as expected, and that life itself pushes us to have to make constant changes.

Keys to find yourself and achieve balance

Finding ourselves is an adventure that can last a lifetime. However, going step by step reaching that balance is the best we can do on a day-to-day basis.

Therefore, keep these steps in mind:

Run away from inconsistencies

People, sometimes, we get to maintain many inconsistencies that fill us with unhappiness. Give in to something we do not agree on, prioritize people who do not value us ...

Think about all those inconsistencies that you usually accept in your daily life.

Have confidence in yourself

Having confidence in yourself means accepting mistakes but knowing that, in the end, we will do the right thing. If we leave our trust in someone else's pockets, we will never be masters of our life.

Listen to your heart

Surely you have more than one dream in your heart that you have not yet fulfilled. Perhaps because you think it is late, or because it is better to serve others. Do not allow it, your heart is the engine of your life and you must attend to it.

Be sure that you are on your way

People must have the feeling every day that "we are on the right path", that what we do and have now is what makes us happy.

If you don't have it yet, it is important to feel or intuit that you are doing well… that you are close to your purpose.

Don't sell your life

Do not get involved in a professional work that does not excite you and that takes away your quality of life. Do not sell your existence to offer it to someone who does not give you happiness, who does not take you into account ...

Do not regret

To conclude, never regret all those times when you have gone wrong on your way. People take a long time to find the internal balance that makes us say that "I am happy and I do not want anything else."

Life is a journey to travel calmly learning from every bump, from every turn of direction. And it is an adventure that is always worth it!

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