Fukushima: five years after the nuclear disaster, much remains to be resolved

Fukushima: five years after the nuclear disaster, much remains to be resolved

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The fact not only alarmed different countries because the waves - which reached up to 40 meters in the Japanese country - reached different coasts of the world but also caused a disaster that, at the time, was compared to Chernobyl.

Since then, Fukushima - blessed island in Japanese - became known for the nuclear disaster that claimed more than 16 thousand lives and that still, after five years, the region is mired in misery.

This has been confirmed by the American magazine Time, where it points out that around 100,000 people are still homeless, their land is still poisoned by radioactive fallout after the nuclear accident and that many have indicated that it will take more than three decades for the place is totally clean.

A chain of errors

According to the outlet, a 2012 commission authorized by the Japanese parliament attributed the nuclear crisis to a combination of situations, such as careless supervision, failed emergency procedures and a culture prone to blind obedience.

However, it wasn't until last month that the first charges of official negligence were brought against former executives at Tokyo Electric Power Co.

According to AFP Japan, Tsunehisa Katsumata, Ichiro Takekuro and Sakae Muto must appear before the Japanese justice for lack of professional rigor, but they are also accused of responsibility for the injuries of 13 people due to hydrogen explosions and the death of 44 people in hospitals.

Last October, the Japanese government began paying its workers' compensation for the first time. One of them was a man who was subcontracted to do cleaning work. After a year, he developed leukemia.

Although it is still difficult to concretely demonstrate a causal relationship between radiation and disease, whether physical or mental, the truth is that Fukushima, its inhabitants and workers did not manage to have the life they used to have before the earthquake and tsunami.

Now, it is a fight where it is not yet known if it will succeed.

I see green

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