Bon Jovi opened restaurant where poor people don't pay

Bon Jovi opened restaurant where poor people don't pay

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The restaurant opened in New Jersey, in the Toms River neighborhood and is called Soul Kitchen.

Diners have two options, either make a donation or pay for their food by providing their services in the kitchen. One hour of work gives you access to a three-course meal.

What the musician wants with this initiative is to draw worldwide attention to hunger and poverty.

“When you walk into this restaurant, there are no prices on our menu,” says Bon Jovi. “So if you don't have a good financial situation, you can still participate. That means tending a table, washing dishes, working in the gardens, etc. If you are here just to enjoy a meal, what you can do is buy a "pay it forward" card which means that you are buying your food in addition to someone else's food who cannot pay and is in the restaurant. "

"You have to understand that those who are in need sometimes don't have that opportunity to go to a restaurant," he stressed on CBS News.

The restaurant is part of the projects of the foundation created by the singer, Jon Bon Jovi Soul, which seeks to raise awareness about different social problems, such as famine and access to education for children in more vulnerable situations.

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