The garden of the block

The garden of the block

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And from the surprise of the changes we move on to the surprise that is generating trust ... since for a year the little boxes that are part of the garden have been "free", without ties, or prohibited signs, and they are still there and are cared for and preserved by all.

An extension of our house. Communication between neighbors is sometimes in words, sometimes without words. Many ask and wonder, observe, think, touch, thank ... And they take full pots with seedlings or shoots (without warning, they surely want to take care of them at home). Others leave potted plants in therapy knowing that someone will take care of them. In addition, the neighbors are incorporating the habit of observing, waiting for the process to harvest and consume the harvest, they understood that they should not ask for permission, they should only thank nature and consume what it gives us.

A meeting point

This year under the motto "Autumn sowing time and open sky art" neighbors and friends of the Huerta de la Cuadra as in spring and summers, on April 22 we took the path as a meeting point and joint creation. We get together, we feed the land, we renew the terraces, we sow autumn-winter seeds, we sow seeds of Neighbor and Neighborhood, Network and Community…. while the artist that inhabits each one could display his art. Young and old united, creating, living, feeling, transforming pallets into benches, covers, and drawers into terraces, Pet bottles into ornaments. Undoubtedly getting together empowers us. Getting together is a celebration!

Organization and awareness

La huerta de la cuadra collaborates in raising awareness in the separation of waste, in conscious and responsible consumption.

Every week we collect recyclables, cardboard, paper, glass, cans, plastic bags of all kinds. On Fridays they are collected by the El Ceibo urban recyclers cooperative and more and more of us decide to separate the waste.

We also have a mini compost bin for organic. In this way the volume of garbage is minimal.

How do we communicate? How did the neighbors find out? Some observing and drawing conclusions, others from the blackboard that is in the orchard and by Faceboook, also ring the bell to know how the move is, others directly leave the bag with material to recycle near the orchard or hanging from the lemon tree.

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