40 percent of the population around the antennas is sick

40 percent of the population around the antennas is sick

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By Claudio Fabián Guevara

A health survey in two urban areas of Mercedes (Buenos Aires, Argentina) adjacent to cell phone masts, revealed a very high rate of serious illnesses. The downtown area showed the most alarming rates: in 21 homes, inhabited by 44 people, 15 cases of cancer were registered. This area is the most dangerous, since three masts are concentrated in a few blocks, causing a synergy effect.

In the Gendarmerie, the situation is not less serious: in 27 homes, inhabited by 90 people, 10 cases of cancer were detected, plus other serious ailments, such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's.

Between both areas, in the total of the 49 surveyed households, of 124 inhabitants, 25 cases of cancer were detected. To this are added other diseases linked to electromagnetic pollution: autoimmune and degenerative diseases, sleep disorders, feeling of extreme exhaustion, pressure and thyroid problems, among others.

Adding up all the ailments, the percentage of the sick population in the studied areas is around 40 percent. Almost all suffer from multiple health disorders, an emblematic characteristic of those affected by electromagnetic pollution: the problems combine and multiply, with no apparent cause for doctors.

A symptomatic fact is that the inhabitants of the hot zones do not register health problems when their residence in the place dates from recent time. This is in line with the indications that serious effects on people begin to manifest themselves after 5 years of living in the most polluted areas.

The survey was developed during the first months of 2013, personally visiting homes in areas adjacent to mobile phone masts. Data were also received through a form published in El Nuevo Cronista. The survey was made on the basis of international studies (Bioinitiative Report, Declaration of Friborg) that link certain diseases with electromagnetic pollution. There are other diseases with a skyrocketing rate that were not included in the study, but are also suspected of being linked to microwave exposure. Among them, one that has growing victims: stroke.

The survey was carried out by the social psychologist Evangelina Vícoli, and it was concluded with a sample that the promoters consider sufficient to verify indications that something strange is happening with the health of the Mercedinos, especially in the areas with the highest concentration of radiation.

The sample is small - it is limited to the blocks indicated in the diagram - and it raises many questions. How many patients will we find if we survey the entire center, or even more? Does all Mercedes have this disease rate, or just the areas near the masts?

To advance in this study, we need greater support from the community and authorities, and the involvement of other institutions. The Vibromancy commission, originated in a study for the Veracruzana University of Mexico, since 2011 issued invitations - still without response - to the municipality of Mercedes, the Directorate of Health and the College of Physicians. For almost two years we have been calling for an epidemiological study that links the increase in certain diseases with the increase in wireless emissions on a timeline. Another more complete possibility is a map by areas, which allows analyzing the impact of different pathogenic sources, both from the telephone masts and the former Dupont plant, for example, or the areas adjacent to the use of agrochemicals. This study would allow a more dynamic analysis, in line with the idea of ​​the "environmental cocktail" as the origin of the dramatic increase in certain diseases in recent decades.

The survey figures

Areas surveyed: center / neighborhoods of Gendarmería: 49 homes, 135 inhabitants.

  • Cancer / Leukemia: 25
  • Feeling of extreme exhaustion: 23
  • Cholesterol - triglycerides: 19
  • Sleep disorders: 17
  • Thyroid: 12
  • Allergies and bronchitis: 10
  • Osteoarthritis: 7
  • High pressure: 8
  • Lactose intolerance: 3
  • Heart problems: 2
  • Asthma: 2
  • Osteoporosis: 1
  • Parkinson: 1
  • Multiple sclerosis: 1
  • Anemia: 1
NOTE: Originally published in the Nuevo Cronista on April 10, 2013. Reprinted at the request of interested readers and researchers.

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