Incredible time-lapse shows how a giant pumpkin grows

Incredible time-lapse shows how a giant pumpkin grows

How many kilos do you think it weighs?

When I was a child, I used to sit next to plants and flowers for hours to see if I would be able to perceive the exact moment when the stem, leaves or flowers were growing.

But since nature has different processes than ours, it is easy for us to lose patience or to go into despair if we propose to follow step by step how a plant grows.

If you are impatient and not willing to stare at your crops all day, you are going to love this time-lapse. This video posted by Matt Radach on YouTube shows the process of growing a pumpkin much larger than usual.

After installing a camera, the man who grows this large pumpkin speeds up the images so we can see how impressive it is.

First there is the plant, then that plant goes to the ground in a greenhouse and the pumpkin starts to appear. When you see the men standing next to it, you realize their size.

After five months, how much do you think it weighs? For context, an average pumpkin weighs up to 8 kg. approximately. The one you see in the video: 554 kg.

This was achieved thanks to special growing techniques and was done at a competition in Washington (Washington State Fair in Puyallup) where huge vegetables are displayed.

Video: Root Growth Timelapse. Soil Cross Section (January 2022).