Cloves to remember your dreams

Cloves to remember your dreams

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It is related to the planet Jupiter and the fire element. Its penetrating scent is known to have physical and magical effects that influence protection, love, healing, memory and courage.


One of the most important compounds in cloves is eugenol, an element that prevents blood clotting, which is why it is very beneficial for cardiovascular health. Thanks to its high concentration of eugenol, clove is widely used by dentists in the treatment of cavities, tooth pain and even in mouthwashes.

Among its health benefits, cloves also:

• Reduces athlete's foot and foot fungus

• Swallowed relieves symptoms of diarrhea

• Helps cure serious infections such as cholera, tuberculosis, intestinal parasites and malaria

• Relieves headache

• Stimulates circulation and helps prevent cold feet

• Its smell reduces physical and mental fatigue

• Ingested as an infusion or inhaled, it is very relaxing and calms tensions.

Tips for use for health problems:

If you have a lot of toothache, you can crush a clove and place it on the tooth.

For nausea, mix and drink some clove powder and honey. This will also relieve stomach aches.

An infusion with 2-3 cloves in boiling water (let it steep for 10 minutes and if you want sweeten it with honey) helps to eliminate gas, flatulence and stomach bloating.

For a headache, make a paste with salt crystals, cloves and a little water. Apply in gentle circular motions to forehead and temples.

Tips for use at home:

Put a drop or two of clove oil in a sprinkler with water to repel ants in your home.

Put a few cloves in an orange and leave it for two or three days to ward off mosquitoes and flies.


  • Help in love and create a protective space
  • It is used to honor a new being that comes to earth
  • It gives us courage to take action and make decisions
  • You can do a meditation by placing, in a candle, a few drops of clove essence and you will prepare the energy to provide protection, instill courage and love to all the problems that arise.
  • Strengthens the mind: Every morning take three cloves, mash them and when you breathe in their smell, the forgotten memories will come.
  • Helps to remember dreams. When you don't remember your dreams, breathe in the smell of cloves and they will come to your mind.


The powers of cloves will allow you to clarify doubts about your feelings and desires.

You need: A handful of cloves.


  • Wrap a handful of cloves in a small white cloth.
  • When you go to bed, take the amulet and focus on what you want to clarify and inhale a few times evoking your doubts.
  • After this and before falling asleep, place it under your pillow.

The answer will probably come to you during your dream. If not, repeat the following night.


You need: Lemon, rosemary and clove essential oil.


  • Mix 3 drops of each in equal parts and stir with almond oil.
  • Place in a glass container, shake well and use for an energetic massage.

You will feel like new and you will surely love it!

Remember that our needs are never the same for all, and just as some people may feel more identified with the essence of cloves, there may be people who do not feel comfortable with its strong and penetrating smell.

It is also likely that you feel more affinity or rejection of a smell depending on your energy needs. Remember that we must always look for the plant or the essence that is in tune with our body. In this way, all rituals, meditations or cures will be easier and more effective.

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