What would happen if these 25 glacial lakes in the Andes melted?

What would happen if these 25 glacial lakes in the Andes melted?

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Glaciers in the Andean country have decreased their surface due to climate change by 43% since the mid-1980s, according to the study led by glaciologist Simon Cook, from Manchester Metropolitan University, in England. And the retreat of the glaciers is leaving behind lakes or lagoons that could overflow with catastrophic consequences, says the British researcher.

The Cook-led team identified, for the first time, 25 potentially dangerous glacial lakes, as their rising levels could cause flooding with a serious impact on local populations. Other countries are already responding to similar threats with practical measures, such as manual drainage of glacial lakes. This is what Peru has done and this is what Nepal did recently. In the case of Bolivia, it is "an urgent problem and the population and the government must act," Cook said.

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