How to generate renewable energy just by walking?

How to generate renewable energy just by walking?

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This way of producing energy comes from the company Pavegen Systems, and is ideal for places where thousands of people go daily such as airports, schools, train stations and shopping centers. And it is precisely this last scenario, the most recent public site where the energy-generating tiles will be installed, since from this summer they will begin to operate in the Westfield Stratford City, one of the most visited shopping centers in East London. The energy generated by the thousands of visitors will be stored to be used in a variety of applications, including pedestrian lighting and mall advertising.

As the authors of the initiative tell us, "this technology offers the first tangible way for people to commit to the generation of renewable energy." According to Pavegen Systems, a single step can produce about 7 watts of electricity, depending on the weight of the person. Once the electrical energy is captured, 5% of it is used to light the tile and the remaining 95% is stored for later use or used directly in the application for which it is intended.

The tiles that are used to generate this type of renewable energy are 45 by 60 centimeters in size and produce a bright green glow when stepped on. They are also sustainable in their manufacture, since they are made from recycled rubber and other materials, also recycled, designed to replace existing flooring systems.

Expanding trend

According to National Geographic, “about 30 permanent and temporary Pavegen projects have already been installed in the UK and Europe. Four of these tiles have been lined up in a corridor at a boys' school in Canterbury, UK, capturing energy from the footsteps of its 1,100 students, thereby keeping the corridor illuminated.

These eco-friendly renewable energy generating tiles are a growing trend around the world. Pavegen is currently working with the German company Siemens to install the tiles in a plaza in Australia, in order to self-supply its lighting. There are also plans to install them in train stations in the British capital and in some schools.

An idea that we hope will be imitated around the world, which although it may be expensive at first, will be beneficial in the short term by producing the energy that is needed for consumption.

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