Bayer and Monsanto meet with Trump and announce millionaire investment in the United States

Bayer and Monsanto meet with Trump and announce millionaire investment in the United States

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There are three days until Donald Trump assumes the presidency of the United States. Before this happens, the millionaire has taken advantage of the days and has met with several executives of some of the main companies that operate in that country.

Last week, Trump met with representatives from Bayer and Monsanto, the largest manufacturer of transgenic seeds in the world and which generates a wide rejection in the environmental community.

Just this Tuesday, both firms that are going through a merger process issued a statement giving an account of the scope of the meeting with Donald Trump.

Directors Werner Baumann and Hugh Grant have pledged to make a significant investment of $ 8 million in research and development, in addition to preserving the 9,000 jobs that Monsanto has in the country. For its part, Bayer promised to create 3,000 new jobs if the integration of the two firms continues to advance.

"The union of the companies expects to spend about US $ 16,000 million in research and development in the next six years and half of that investment will be in the United States. This is an investment in innovation and people that will create thousands of high-quality jobs. high-paying technology when the integration (of Bayer and Monsanto) is complete, "the statement said.

Meanwhile, if the merger is completed, Bayer and Monsanto will control 30 percent of the seeds and agricultural chemicals business.

It is worth mentioning that the American company has historically been involved in a series of unethical and illegal practices. In some places it has had to pay fines for corruption and, as if this were not enough, some of its products have been classified as carcinogenic.

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