Calaguala, a plant with purifying properties

Calaguala, a plant with purifying properties

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It can be bought in herbalists and pharmacies, but the second option is probably only in capsule format.

One of its virtues is the facility it has to promote the synthesis of collagen, the substance that helps to keep the skin smooth and healthy. Many people also use it to make their hair grow healthier and avoid alopecia as it acts as a barrier to better defend ourselves from the autoimmune diseases that cause it.

The calaguala root must be cooked for five minutes and left to rest for the same time, but you have to be constant in its intake, it has no effects if you do not use it for at least four or five months. It is best to take it in the morning with your d

regular breakfast, except for people with stomach problems for whom its use is not recommended.

It must be true, nature is wise and many years ago there was no help other than what she provided you.


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