Water and Climate Change

Water and Climate Change

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A situation that affects the most disadvantaged countries especially acutely, although developed countries also suffer from its effects. Let us remember the significant drought we suffered in Spain in 2008. Furthermore, it is expected that, by 2025, water extraction will increase by 50% in developing countries and 18% in developed countries, which will accentuate the water stress to which the planet is subdued.

We cannot remain indifferent. We have to be aware of this in order to avoid causing a worsening of people's living conditions and a setback for the environment. If companies, governments and citizens in general join our efforts and direct them towards a fairer water culture and sustainable development, we can avoid critical situations.

At the foundationWe Are Water We work to raise awareness of the need for a new water culture by carrying out actions and visibility campaigns, conferences and debates, in addition to helping in many countries with projects to improve access to drinking water for their inhabitants and to provide basic sanitation infrastructure.

Last May, we had the opportunity to participate in the13th International Forum on Weather and Climate, held in Paris. There we share knowledge and experiences with meteorologists from all over the world about the importance of climate change on water resources. Also, within the framework of World Water Day, we organized theWorkshop Social Perceptions of Water and Climatewith the weathermen of many countries. For us, it was not only an occasion in which to establish relationships with these influential professionals, but a way to value the social and outreach function they perform.

We believe that we are in time to, together, achieve a new water culture.


Video: Do Anti-Woke and climate change apocalypse believers walk a similar path? from Livestream #63 (July 2022).


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