Tierra del Fuego: volunteers plant trees in a burned forest

Tierra del Fuego: volunteers plant trees in a burned forest

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Mountain guides from Tierra del Fuego asked the Andean Club of Ushuaia and Río Grande and the Friends of the Mountain Club for help to reforest 1,100 hectares of native forest that was burned in 2012. The action is framed in the need to remedy what that fire produced in the Fuegian forest. What was planted this weekend will take 650 years to grow.

The proposal started from “I am part of the Fuegian forest“, An initiative that was born from a poorly extinguished stove in 2012 caused a fire that burned200 thousand specimens of lengas, ñires and colihues. This happened in the place called“Bahía Torito", On the banks oflake Fagnano. A group of mountain guides understood that they had to go to theDirect action and they decided to work to replace the trees that the fire devoured.

“I remember that we all felt affected by what happened. The cloud of smoke could be seen almost from the city.It was when we decided that we had to do something", Comments to the pressLoreto Fernandez Genoa, one of the referents of this group, who only stopped planting when she became pregnant. “It is hard work, pick and shovel and with one night sleeping in a shelter in the area. But we can display resultsWe have planted 130 thousand trees and at this rate we could conclude in 2019 the task of replacing the 200 thousand that were burned, ”explained Fernández Génova.

he group of enthusiastic guides, who have a direct and affective relationship with the forest, asked for the help of entities such as the Club Andino de Ushuaia and Río Grande and the Club Amigos de la Montaña, theForest Directorate and theNational Administration of National Parks, and in this way since 2014 they began to carry out reforestation campaigns. They have already been seven, always between autumn and spring, which is the ideal time to replant.

In all these years they managed to get 700 people to volunteer in this important task of replanting an entire forest. They also do awareness-raising tasks in schools to convey to children how important it is to take care of the island's forest.

“To those who join the campaigns we give a previous talk and already in the place we explain the technique for planting, which is very simple and rustic. Is named "direct ring". We remove plants from a high density site and take them to the affected area. The trees receive no other treatment. They are watered with rainwater. We keep a historical record of the specimens that allows us to calculate a survival rate of between 40 and 50% ", clarified Loreto

All of us who go to the forest know that it is an altruistic act. The forest will not be mature for 650 years. Neither our children nor our grandchildren will see it. When trees regenerate no one will know who planted them. But this is our contribution to the environment that is watching us grow ”, concluded this woman who takes her baby to the forest, a symbol that represents the idea that this group had that understood that it was necessary to think about the future from working in the Present.

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