Over a decade living off-grid in a green, self-sufficient Quebec home

Over a decade living off-grid in a green, self-sufficient Quebec home

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"Living off the grid is something I've always wanted to do", recounts in this video Dubé, whose involvement in this project has a lot to do with the power of cinema and that of the subconscious. A film she saw as a child guided her in this initiative that, turned into reality, replicates many of the ideas that this Canadian absorbed as a child in front of the small screen.“Many things that you see here (in the house), subconsciously come from there (from the movie)”.

And what is seen, in the house that they have built and in which they have resided for more than a decade, is araised construction from recycled and natural materials, specifically reused tires and dirt to fill them.

With huge south-facing windows,this couple's house in Quebec has both greenhouse and underground living. Parts of it are underground"To be protected from the elements, especially the wind and cold"explains Dubé.

In addition to achieving their dream of having a sustainable home, built with their own hands and inexpensive, Neveu and Dubé also started from the idea of"Be self-sufficient". Although, she admits,"We are not there yet". But the road traveled is long.

To get started,the house obtains the energy it needs through solar panels that provide enough to light up, connect to the internet and put into operation the necessary appliances and when necessary."We don't have ventilation or a refrigerator", explains the promoter of this house. And so how do you refrigerate the food? Well, with ice, either provided by the neighborhood or, between January and July, produced and maintained by themselves. To do this, they put the water in containers during the winter and, when it freezes, they store it in a basement where the insulation provides it neither more nor less than sawdust. Thus, they are able to refrigerate their food well into July.

Another key issue, that of water, is solved by the promoters of this house from the natural collection of this resource with a cistern. Of course, to heat it, they throw propane. To heat, in this case the home in an area of ​​freezing winters, they take advantage of a wood stove that they themselves have built and that has this dual use: cooking and heating the home environment.

When Dubé and Neveu got down to work to undertake this project and shared it on the Internet, so many people signed up to collaborate in the construction of their home that, even once it was finished, the hands to help kept coming. For this reason, while they continue to work to be increasingly self-sufficient, the promoters of this initiative give ecological construction workshops and not only that.They look for colleagues who are willing to share their philosophy of life and to contribute to continue strengthening that idea that they dreamed of and that made reality, or almost, sincethey have yet to produce their own food"Only two people to work all this ...", Dubé explains while encouraging potential interested parties to move to the area.

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