Clouded leopard reappears after 30 years

Clouded leopard reappears after 30 years

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The clouded leopard was believed to be an extinct species, but sightings have been reported in a municipality in Taiwan.

Rangers have recently reported sightings of clouded leopard in Daren Township in Taitung County.

One of these fascinating leopards was seen climbing a tree, then jumping off a cliff and hunting a goat.

Another park ranger from the environmental surveillance team says he saw a specimen running in front of a motorcycle.

Kao Cheng-chi, leader of the Paiwan tribe and president of the Austronesian Community Universities Development Association, reported that the villagers of the place held a tribal meeting with a view to further investigating such sightings. They also demanded a ban on hunting in the area and an end to cutting down trees and other disruptive activities in the area.

Was the clouded leopard extinct?

The reason it had been thought to be extinct was because one had not been seen since 1983. Between 2001 and 2013, a team of zoologists from Taiwan and the United States conducted research in the area without being able to document a single sighting of the rare cat.

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