Should we stop consuming gluten?

Should we stop consuming gluten?

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Before eliminating wheat gluten from your diet, we invite you to consult this scientific information.

Gluten is a protein of natural origin that is in some grains of frequent consumption like the wheat, the oats and the barley. It acts as an element that gives elasticity and resistance to pizza dough, bread, pasta and, as you can imagine, it is present in many of the meals we consume every day.

Lately thegluten it has been a subject of much controversy. It has had a very bad and unfounded reputation, to a large extent, for the product market free from gluten. The gluten-free craze has violated many standards, including those recommended by nutritionists and other health experts.

It is common for people withceliac disease or a certain allergy to gluten must follow a strict gluten-free diet, however, the rest of the population should not worry about it.In Mexico, it is estimated that only 2.6% of the population suffers from celiac disease, according to a federal government report.

On the other hand, in astudy conducted by Harvard University In which more than 100,000 people who did not have celiac disease participated, no association was found between gluten consumption and any other disease. However, the findings suggest that non-celiac people who avoid gluten may increase their risk of heart disease.

This protein, which is so much associated with the consumption of bread and cereals, belongs to the foods that should be included in an optimal breakfast, according to the Ministry of Health of our country. Breads and cereals provide the body with fiber and carbohydrates that provide energy, vitamins and minerals, essential in any healthy diet.

In the nextgluten infographic We show you in what other foods you find it and why it is not good to eliminate it from your diet:

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