Biodiversity and Memory (Part Two)

Biodiversity and Memory (Part Two)

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By For the Compitch *

First part


Do not forget. The economic model of the United States and its corporations is responsible for a third of the world's oil consumption and for the same proportion of greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere-ozone hole caused by man, not counting its logging and its sanitary waste, but in that madness lies precisely the structure of its power and development; This is how the United States of America was historically born, this is how it grew, and its dominant operators are not willing to change. Neither President Bush nor former President Clinton (a pro-computer scientist refractory to the mega-political-industrial control of the extractive group) ever disavowed the extraction of hydrocarbons in Alaska, despite the foreseeable ecological catastrophe.

From a more recent drama, the current fires in the Rockies (declared national monuments by the US legislature in connection with the Buhsista-Carlyle proposal to open them to extractive activities - wood / minerals / energy - due to the depletion of deposits and fields in operation current), seem to be something more than a "carelessness of campers" that accuses willful leniency (from November and January 2001 various agencies warned about an unprecedented period of drought in the area, as in February of the same year they did with the foreseeable air attacks September 11), which, added to the recent imposition of a 30% tariff on Canadian timber imports (more than half of the world's timber in traffic comes from that country), results in the obvious interest of the timber industry. wood / pulp-plantations defended by the current head of the environment Gale Norton precisely when he was a prosecutor in the State of Colorado. By the way, the plantations (growing trees on carbon dioxin demand as corresponds to all beardless skylights), also serve the environmental veil-carbon capture more than native and mature trees. In this sense, the start of oil drilling works in Laguna Izabal (Guatemala) and those announced by PEMEX on May 30 regarding the incorporation of two new municipalities in the northwest of Chiapas into the extraction of light oil (Isthmus and Olmeca) (Ostuacán and Sunuapa) with a view to doubling the current production platform by the end of the six-year term -for whom? -, or the reactivation of hydroelectric dam projects both for PPP interconnection and to supply transoceanic traffic and agro-industries (in Chicoasén , super hydroelectric plant in the northwest of Chiapas, three new mega turbines will be put into operation by 2004), or the local road corridors connected to the post-Panama trans-isthmic super corridor, the first and third neighboring ones and the second frankly within the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor and even flooding portions of ANP's (the Petén in Guatemala, the Chimalapas in Oaxaca and the Ocote-Rio Mezcalapa Reserve in Chiapas) are not one with tradition to the policy of conservation of the environment as the stunned bureaucrats in charge of Conservation International Mexico and other conservationist NGOs suppose, but rather the punctual compliance with the power structure agenda, the productive logic in the scale of needs-priorities of the dominant capital . The same case is repeated in the Amazon foothills of Peru (Camisea gas project) or in the trans-Ecuadorian oil pipeline that crosses the Mindo Reserve, or in the Bolivian gas pipeline to a port in northern Chile, and the same logic is imposed (15 In June a regional Summit of Presidents begins in Quito under the objective-motto "Energy Security and Trade Integration"), and in a paradigmatic way, although in a strict sense, identical reasons drove the coup attempt on April 11 in Venezuela. The growing militarization in Guatemala and the intimidation of its social organizations denounced by the recent report (May) of the United Nations special rapporteur is, without a doubt, an ingredient of transnational interest in the strategic-commercial security of the area that little by little It will be consolidated for the regional control of populations and facilities. Especially now that the fast track route has finally been authorized by the US Senate, the Central American countries have formally begun negotiations for a free trade agreement with that country. There will be ANP's where the mineral-energetic-agro-industrial-logging-water-road requirements of the dominant capital allow or demand it. And there will be them to plunder them at discretion and without social co-participation-witnesses, and for that purpose (to which other?) Is that the project (designed in Washington) called International Civil Police is consolidated, of which the President of Costa Rica Abel Pacheco expressed this Thursday, June 13 at the White House at the suggestion of President Bush that the headquarters be in some area of ​​Latin America, for example, in Costa Rica: "I'm interested, it would be a one hundred percent civilian police that would deal with the current problem of the world and that knows how to handle the problem of terrorism, especially a police that knows how to defend our ecology. We are defenders of God's work, we are environmentalists and we are very interested in a police force that protects nature, not only man "; the design, financing and training program would be the responsibility of the United States or how to reactivate the counterinsurgent School of the Americas, now counter-demographic (assisted by the recently approved transgenic EP corn that sterilizes men).

The model was born 200 years ago with the overproduction of goods derived from the free and abundant disposition and overexploitation of resources, and at the base was-always is energy-minerals, road corridors to extract and place, and a guardian army. Furthermore, today as rarely, the oil-military-vehicular group actively and belligerently holds political power in their country and in much of the world, even if they face a serious production crisis, or precisely because of that. Our authorities have understood this process well: "Our goal is to double the current production, especially from the production of light products (located in layers adjacent to areas of high biodiversity) and to intensify our ties with other companies (Chevron-Texaco, Exxon -Mobil, ConocoPhillips) in all aspects ", Muños Leos, CEO of PEMEX, and former representative in Mexico of the petrochemical company Dupont, May 30, 2002. The announced opening of the Burgos Basin (gas) and the works in the Hoyo de Dona (Unocal-Afghanistan) on the Gulf platform (the recent visit of the oil tanker Secretary of Commerce Don Evans -June 16- accompanied by executives from 15 energy firms and which incidentally led to the announcement -June 18 - from the opening of gas to foreign investment) is nothing but preparation for the same: a new cycle of production-overproduction of capital to which it must be subordinated and contribute within the Olympics s plans the beardless sector of Biodiversity-Biotechnology. The map of National Geographic and WWF (which, among others, Chevron and Mobil fund) on the projections for 2020 of the predictably worrying state that will be kept by the ecoregions and Mexican tributaries in the succulent region that goes to the Guatemalan Petén is not contradictory but obvious. to the foothills with the neovolcanic axis of the central highlands through the Gulf plain (map 3). It is to be expected that with this extractive, hydroelectric, road and agro-industrial barrage after Panama, this region will be precisely the one that will suffer the greatest impact, and the quality and quantity of the flow of its rivers (that is, of its forests) is fundamental to mega conduction of electrical energy necessary to support this level of traffic and production.

History is cyclical but it does not repeat itself. Noting that the biotechnology industry more than being able to become structural (it is not yet) is challenging it from organically unsubordinated groups unmatched levels of surplus value over time and that the untimely as relatively autonomous computer technology career took 20 years back by surprise by making it depend on its licenses by modifying the correlation of forces and political affinities, the oil-military and transport group will not allow this time that a new sector of capital formation grows outside of its influence and orientation and remains as a group competitive relatively independent of its hegemony. The biotechnology industry (pharmaceutical, agribusiness and food) will have to align itself or see its income expectations reduce with strong risks that the energy and transport group in alliance with other related sectors (military, timber-cement and the metal mechanics) takes the process from him and subordinates it under worse conditions than if he had accepted the rules of the super-dominant capital groups from the beginning.


We do not address the minutiae that exult and constrain the discussion on the subject; If intellectual property rights, classic or sui generis, or if not intellectual property rights, if others are going to take our wealth or if we are going to take advantage of it, if distribution of commercial benefits to many or distribution of commercial benefits to a few , if benefits determined by the owners of the resource and land-territory or by the inexorable laws of the market, or if not benefits because nothing is delivered, if benefits to all derived applications or if benefits limited only to certain types of applications, if options rentiers (ecotourism, daytime butterfly hunting, handicrafts), post-commodities (biomaquila, forest guard) or assistance to accept the threatening evictions-relocations, if access laws or moratorium, if laws agreed with the historical owners-multipliers of the biodiversity-germplasm (indigenous peoples) or formally-historically decreed laws, if imposed by the legal framework Agree Transfer of Genetic Material (ATMG) or its contraband (biopiracy), if consent is requested to obtain associated traditional knowledge according to the applicant or as requested. We went to the structure, to what really and directly in the world today defines, imposes and conditions what happens in it, regardless of the subject, the resource, or beyond both. That is what we wanted to place in the first base of this discussion, which in a serious reflection and with a future goes before and must be very clear to know where we are starting from, against what and who we are, and to determine what strategy is required. , as unattainable as it may seem, to undertake efficiently.

The fact that this increasingly overwhelming and Manichaean time is becoming impoverished, perhaps corresponds to the risky situation of the model's despair, but it does not change the fundamental premises described in front of us or, rather, next to us. Schizophrenic or maddening, her face changes but her genotypic functions are the same. We already know what the super plundering exporting mercantile modernity offers us; We have known it for five hundred years. It has been more than a decade since we abandoned the post-ogre philanthropic truce and entered-returned fully to that global cycle. Exports have increased from our countries by more than 300% on average as a globalist bank eulogy option to our debt crisis and regulatory statism. For centuries and since the conquest, we have known, under this or that model, what the mercantile laws of exchange have meant for us, mirrors for gold, the reification of goods, the humiliation and animality of some-many so that others- few live.

All that power that one by one we deliberately cite, the power of money, can be overcome. Together we managed to do it with the ICBG Maya geoeconomic project, together and without money, together and with memory, together from the base, that's why we beat them, that's why they couldn't, at least for now, just like in Atenco, or in the communities in resistance around the world including rebellious South Africa and its rebellious ignorance of patents on AIDS drugs. The indigenous and peasant Peoples and Communities still have the lands, their living community culture and the mountains now coveted by the power of money. The survival of indigenous peoples and communities constitutes the last bastion of our memory and non-indigenous resistance, the majority in number and uprooted. We no longer have much to do. If they finish them, now we are finished; if we support them and learn from them, if we share and relearn, we remain, we win, they, us, the mountains and the sky.

San Cristóbal de Las Casas, June 18, 2002
* Team of Advisors of the Council of Organizations of Traditional Indigenous Doctors and Midwives of Chiapas, Compitch.
Signed articles are the responsibility of the authors. It may or may not coincide with the concepts or opinions expressed.

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